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We are always interested in hearing from the families that we serve.  Please take a moment to let us know how well we served you in your time of need. We very much appreciate your feedback.

You very helpful in our time of need. I really appreciate that you didn’t push things on us. You took the time to explain everything and you were so kind during our private viewing of my father. You made sure that if we had questions or needed anything to let you know. You took into consideration us being from out of town and were flexible with us. I also appreciate the text afterwards sending condolences and letting me know if I needed anything to contact you! You made this process less painful for me which is priceless. Thanks again

Sherry Holze
November 13, 2021

How do I express how wonderful you were helping us through Brittany’s arrangements? From the first phone call, through the emails, to your comforting words and understanding in our time of sadness. Everything was so beautiful and you made sure that my daughter went in style. Thank you for being so professional but yet so compassionate.

Tracy Holliday & Family
April 23, 2021

We want to extend our sincere gratitude for your attentiveness to our family. Thank you so much! We are grateful you were so flexible with the impromptu memory sharing that took place. We truly believe that was so helpful to assist with healing. We are sure it meant several calls to the Sheriff, Auxiliary Post and the Navy. In appreciation from the Robert Kelm family.

Pam Bennin
August 22, 2020

The kindness and caring you showed to my husband and I during the process of planning his father’s cremation and memorial ( visitation ) will never be forgotten . Being from the cities the small town atmosphere was welcoming and comforting. I personally did not feel like being a stranger but one of your community and that feeling will always remain
with me ..

God Bless you.
Kristin Simon Lamprecht ( Michael )

Kristin Simon Lamprecht
August 6, 2020

Just a note of appreciation to Mike and staff for their impeccable service. What a seamless endeavor from prearrangement to the actual funeral. Having that stress lessened by preplanning with so many questions answered ahead of time was great. Your work the day of the Funeral gave us reassured freedom that all the details were handled well. Thank you

Mary Otto
March 22, 2019

I just wanted to thank you for everything. Pa looked amazing. None of us could believe how much he looked like himself and can’t thank you enough for that. You and Stan made everything so easy. We really appreciate your compassion and all your help through this difficult time.

Colleen Sengbusch
February 20, 2019

Thank you so much for your time and energy this past week in helping us plan and take care of arrangements for my step mom Dee. As far as we are concerned, you're the BEST in this business. You knew how to take away the stress from our worries that we had and you took time out of your day to really listen to who you had in front of you. You're a true angel from God. Thank you again, wish we could have more people like you down in Illinois!

Ilija &Tracy Dragisic
August 11, 2018

I again want to thank you and everyone involved in mom’s funeral for their professionalism, kindness, attention to detail that took so much stress away from me. You and everyone were awesome!

Joanne Matz
May 14, 2018

Mike, You did an excellent job during a very difficult time for our family. You were very patient with our large family and so responsive to see our needs. Thank You for treating us like family.

Vicki Coffey
September 25, 2017

Mike and his staff were caring thoughtful and guided us through a very difficult time in our life. Losing my mom Dorothy Klawitter... They made her looked better than I could of possibly hoped for. ..... Beautiful job on your expertise, knowledge, and services... Thank you again for all you did I cannot express to you how much I am greatful for everything you did

Debra Krueger
July 29, 2017

We didn't have a lot to do with the planning; Mike and Cathy are very good at what they do. Mike took very good care of the family. He is the only one we would use.

Greg Goodhue
July 3, 2017

Mike made a very difficult time much easier.

Candy Pegler
July 3, 2017

Mike Crawford was very kind and supportive and made this unexpected process as worry-free as possible.

Margaret "Peg" Mazeika
March 16, 2017

The skills of the funeral director were excellent and the entire staff was very helpful.

Bob Larson
March 16, 2017

Everything was done great. I was very happy with the service I received. It helped a lot at a very hard time for me. Thank You.

Arlene Melka
March 15, 2017

We were so pleased with Mike and the way he handled everything for us. We highly recommend Crawford Funeral Home to everyone. Thank You So Much!

June Tetzlaff
January 18, 2017

Thank You for your service in the wee hours of the night. You showed great respect for mom when you removed her from the house.

Kathy Cappel
January 17, 2017

The level of service, kindness during the process and attention to detail were outstanding!

Tim Opalewski
October 3, 2016

Mike Crawford was very professional and caring. I felt very comfortable asking Mike questions and he did not come across as just a businessman.

Jeanette Johnson
October 3, 2016

Mike and his staff were wonderful planning our mother's funeral. He explained everything and we had no pressure on deciding stuff. It was awesome!

Robin and Renee Whittenberger
September 6, 2016

All of those who participated in the funeral arrangements were very pleased with Mike's attention to detail and responsiveness particularly since the arrangements were made on the date of death over the phone and via the internet. Thank You Crawford Funeral and Cremation Service for the great service.

Richard Demke
August 9, 2016

Mike, I just want to let you know how impressed I am with your service. We, as a family, knew nothing about the many details that needed to be taken care of after our father's death. You competently handled each one with great skill and compassion and made our time of grief less stressful. I am really grateful to you for your kind and professional assistance. Thank you!

Randy Schwartz
August 1, 2016

I have never had to plan a funeral before, so I didn’t know what to do or where to start. But Mike Crawford took care of everything and he was very kind and understanding. I don’t know what I would have done without him! God Bless him and his lovely wife.

Joyce Krueger
June 17, 2016

We wanted to thank you so much for assisting us with my mother's memorial, not only with the assistance but for the support and kindness that was given to us. It's true that words cannot say enough. Just knowing that my mother was able to have what she wished to have after this life is truly what mattered. The family of Sandra Kirk.

Sherry Sluga
August 31, 2015

I thank you so much for all your help, understanding, patience, and support in getting everything organized for my Dads memorial service. There were times when we had too many "cooks in the kitchen" but you remained a rock for us to steady ourselves and assure us all would be fine. Words can not do justice, in the midst of the most heart sinking experience you made sure things just flowed. Thank you again for everything. We will never forget all you did for us. The Spillner Family

Lashell Spillner
June 29, 2015

I have just received your card, and it reminded me I wanted to get in touch. The card was thoughtful. Thank you so much for the professional and caring job you did handling my father's memorial service. I know we were a bit difficult to handle from time to time, ( my aversion to standing up front then blocking the doorway- etc. ) but you dealt with it all in a warm and sensitive way. My father always said he didn't want this type of thing, but afterward we all talked and all of us feel he would have thought this was just right- it was truly an honor to him and you did an excellent job. You made the hardest day manageable for us. Thank you so much for your caring, warmth and guidance during a difficult time.

Kris Johnson
June 23, 2015

Mike, With everything going on I didn't get a chance to properly thank you for everything you did. You made a most difficult situation a more comfortable one because we knew you had everything taken care of and we didn't have to worry about anything. I know Dad would have approved of everything, especially the camo vault. I have a feeling it may be your new best seller! Take care and all the best to you and your family, Gina Matteoni

Gina Matteoni
January 19, 2015

Hi Mike, I am not exactly sure how to adequately describe the peace and confidence that my brother and I felt as you helped us during this time. As you know, I live in CA and Warren lives in FLA. and even though Fran and Bob are local there is a comfort in being able to trust the person who will be the last one touching and gently preparing your Mom in this physical realm. You have exceeded our expectations and our gratitude for your gentle spirit and reverence with our mom is immense. Thank you so much. The Winkler Kids, Fran,Warren,Bob, and Melody

Lola Winkler
September 7, 2014

Dear Mike, It is a real test to any professional when they need to serve someone they care deeply about; to stay calm and clear, it's hard. It meant so very much to me that you handled every little detail with perfection and I never doubted that it would be so. Thank you so very much Micheal. Your Grandma loved you so much and you did everything just right. You are so good at what you do and I am grateful to be your aunt. I also know how very very busy these last days have been for you. My job is also unexpectedly demanding at times and I understand how challenging that can be. Please know I am thinking about you and appreciate all you have done for our family. Jane Peterson

Jane Peterson
December 3, 2013

Hello Mike, Thank you for your excellent service, delivered with kindness and professionalism. I was beyond pleased with how well you handled everything from the meeting with my dad at his bedside to the attention to detail at Buffalo Community Bible Church. You were gracious and kind, but firm when you had to be. We could all see the quality of character that my dad saw in you and understood why he was so insistent with his choice of your services. I know it sounds almost ridiculous, but he would have been proud of you. Sincerely, Pam

Pam Lake (Bill Ruff's daughter)
August 27, 2013

Thanks so much for the 365 Days of Grief Support! I have struggled with the loss of my son for the past year. I stumbled upon this grief support on your website and have been receiving and reading the daily guidance for 3 weeks. It has brought perspective on the feelings I have encountered during this very sad time of untimely loss. I highly recommend any one suffering a loss of a family member or friend to subscribe to this excellent service.

Karen Christiensen
July 7, 2013

Mike, Thank you so much for all you did. The community of Montello is lucky to have you. You handled everything for us and did an amazing job. It isn't easy being 2 hours away but you made everything so easy for us and it all went so smoothly.

Patty Dzurick
November 5, 2012

Mike, Thank you so much for the kind, compassionate and truly professional service you have given to our family at the deaths of Barb's parents, Gordon and Audrey Kuenn, within the space of just one week. We rejoice that after their 66 years of marriage on earth, they are enjoying heaven and that their funerals were so well-served by Crawford Funeral Home. We would be happy to recommend you to anyone.

Sincerely, The Rev. Roy and Barbara (Kuenn) Rose
September 26, 2012

Mike, Thank you for helping our family move through a very difficult time - burying our mother, grandmother, aunt, great-grandmother, and friend. We will miss her forever. When the time came, you drove to Madison, on short notice, to bring Mom home. All the preparations, advice, and suggestions, were perfect. Our family is very pleased how you handled everything.

Kathryn Newhouse
August 15, 2012

There are no words to describe the pain of losing a child. My heart burns like never before. I cannot find the proper words to say how thankful I am (and my family) that Mike was there for us. I could not have made it through the planning of the celebration of my son's life....Derek D. Ferch. There was true compassion and you just do not see that very much now a day. Mike.....thank you. THANK YOU for everything and knowing that I can still call you if I need further assistance is a relief.

Judy Holmes
June 12, 2012

Mike, Words cannot express our gratitude for the endless hours you put into Dad’s Funeral. I am amazed at how you pulled off this “large” celebration of life party mostly by yourself with a few support staff here and there.

Penny (Zellmer) Burns
June 12, 2012

We would like to take the opportunity to thank Mike at the Crawford Funeral Home for his compassion with the unexpected passing of mom/grandma. Mike took the time to answer all of our concerns. Although this is what you do for a living, it takes a special kind of person to go the extra mile. We truly appreciate your friendly touch.

The Muehrer Family
June 8, 2012

On behalf of my dad, brother and I, we'd like to express our deep appreciation for the care you provided my mom and our family. From our first visit with you, Michael, to the wonderful support we have continually received from you, we're grateful. Thank you for your phone calls, your comforting words, your thoughtfulness and concern. No detail, big or small, was left untouched which truly helped to relieve some of the pain and stress associated with the final arrangements. We are deeply grateful for everything you did and continue to do. You are special and have our heartfelt thanks.

Melissa Theisen
April 27, 2012

My family and I thank you so much for all the arrangements you made thus relieving us of having to deal with so many details during a time of great distress. Everything worked out so well which shows your professionalism. I personally thank you for all your kindness and caring- in particular I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my dad look good. You did a wonderful job. It was important to me because I know it was important to my dad. There were people that hadn't seen him for a while and he would have hated to have them see him with all those scabs and bruising. Truthfully, it was good for us to be able to see him looking good the last time we would see him in this life.

Kristie Braun
August 20, 2011

My family and I would like to thank Mike for his caring and compassion with the sudden passing of our loved one. Mike made us feel like we were his only concern at that time. He is a wonderful person that took the time for each of our family members during and after the services. Thank you Mike for all you did for us.

Rose O'Connell
May 6, 2011

Mike, Thank you for the care and concern you showed us. You handled all the details of our mother's funeral with professionalism and respect. It was a great comfort to have your guidance and excellent service.

Ann and Bill Custer
February 2, 2011

Dear Mike, Our family is still amazed at the great caring and professionalism you showed when our beloved wife, mother, and grandmother passed away. From the first meeting to after the burial you were there to assist in any way that you were able. I was there when you came to take Mom away. I was so moved by the caring tenderness you showed her when you were preparing to take her. That meant a great deal to me. May you continue to show compassion and caring to those you are able to serve.

Bob Mateske, Jr.
October 18, 2010

Dear Mike, Just wanted to say thank you once again. We felt so blessed as a family to have you taking care of our needs at this most difficult time in our lives. We were able to make our experience a "celebration of life" that we will never forget because we did not have to worry about the details. Your kindness and caring was so genuine that THANK YOU does not seem like enough to say.

Ann Fleming
September 15, 2010

Mike, I'd like to thank you for being a rock to lean on for Andy's family. In times like these things seem to just go by in a blurr. It's great to know you have someone that will take care of all of the family’s needs.

Randy Polk
June 28, 2010

Mike, Once again I want to thank you for your kindness and all of your help. You made everything easier for me at a time when I just didn't think could handle all of the arrangements. I wish everyone that had to go through a time like this had someone like you to guide them through it. It means so much to feel the person that is helping you with your loved one and do something so hard really cares and understands.

Lynn Contreras
April 3, 2010

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